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The content of this section of the website provides a selection and list of Prayers.

The list of Prayers cover many different occasions - short, simple and traditional Catholic Prayers which are suitable for the whole family.

Also see our collection of Catholic Saints Prayers.

Traditional Catholic Prayers

Traditional Catholic Prayers include Prayers such as Ave Maria, Pater Noster, Ave Verum Corpus, Blessing for Meals, Domine Iesu Christe and the Rex gloriae.

Catholic Prayers to the Virgin Mary

Prayers to the Virgin Mary include Hail, Holy Queen, Immaculate Mary, In Praise of Mary Immaculate, Loving Mother of the Redeemer, The Hail Mary and the Prayer in Honor of Mary.

Catholic Prayers for the Sick and Prayers for Healing

Catholic Prayers for the sick and prayers for healing to bring faith, hope and comfort for those who are sick and suffering from illnesses.

Our Catholic Prayers for healing and the sick offer requests for healing to the patron saints of many illnesses. The Catholic prayers for healing and the sick includes those for cancer suffers and those suffering from illnesses and ailments. There are Catholic Prayers for cancer, Catholic Prayers for tumors, Catholic Prayers for skin diseases, Catholic Prayers for headaches, Catholic Prayers for miscarriages, Prayers for heart patients, Catholic Prayers for stomach disorders, Catholic Prayers for breast diseases, Prayers for AIDS, Catholic Prayers for eye problems, Catholic Prayers for hearing problems, Catholic Prayers for epilepsy, injuries, Catholic Prayers for back pain, wounds, Catholic Prayers for lung cancer, fever, Prayers for rheumatism and Catholic Prayers for toothache.

Prayers for Healing and the Sick

Prayer for the Sick
Catholic Prayer For Cancer
Charity Prayer for a Sick Pet
Healing Novena
Catholic Prayer For Healing
Intercession Prayer
Prayer for Healing to Saint Raphael
Prayer against Poisoning to St. Benedict
Prayer for Healthy Throats to St. Blase
Prayer against Miscarriages to St. Catherine
Prayer for the Mentally Ill to St. Dymphna
Prayer for AIDS to St. Roque
Prayer for Breast diseases to St. Agatha
Prayer for Amputees to St. Anthony
Prayer for Eye Problems to St. Lucy
Prayer for the Disabled to St. Giles
Prayer for Hearing Impaired by St. Francis De Sales
Prayer for Epilepsy to St. Genesius
Prayer for Eye diseases to St. Lucy
Prayer for Fever
Prayer After an Injury

Catholic Prayers to the Saints
The collection of Prayers to the Saints include the words to Dymphna, Anthony for Lost Articles, Jude, Anthony, Joseph, Michael, Valentine, Francis, Anne, Michael the Archangel, Bernadette and Raphael.

Patron Saints

Catholic Symbols

Catholic Saints Index
Catholic Saints A - G
Catholic Saints H - L
Catholic Saints M - R
Catholic Saints S- Z

Catholic Prayers for Special Occasions
The list includes devotions for Special occasions including Advent, Annunciation, Ascension, Ash Wednesday, Candlemas, Easter, Epiphany, Communion, Lent, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Rosary Prayers.

Prayer for Heart Patients to St. John of God
Prayer for Desperate Cases to St. Jude
Prayer for Cancer Patients to St. Peregrine
Prayer for Impossible Causes to St. Rita of Cascia
Prayer for Invalids to St. Roch
Prayer for Headaches to St. Teresa of Avila
Prayer for Stomach Disorders to St. Timothy
Prayer for Bodily ills to Our Lady of Lourdes
Prayer for Disease to Saint Roque
Prayer before an Operation
Prayer for those Whose Illness Grows Worse
Prayer for Back Pain
Prayer for Healing of wounds to St. Rita
Prayer for Lung Cancer to St. Peregrine
Prayer for Nerves to St Dymphna
Prayer for Rheumatism to St. James the Great
Prayer for Skin diseases to St. Peregrine
Prayer for Toothache to Saint Apollonia
Prayer for Tumor to St. Rita

Catholic Prayers for Intercession and Assistance
A selection of Prayers for Intercession and Assistance including those against evil, for strength, patience and serenity. Prayers for healing, the sick, cancer sufferers, children, teenagers, thanksgiving, family. teachers, students, the deceased, for Christenings and Baptism and for Funerals, Marriages and Weddings.

List and Words to Catholic Prayers
Click on one of the following list of  links for the words to the Prayers of your choice:

Act of Faith
Act of Love
Angelic Salutation
Anima Christi
Ave Verum Corpus
Daily Prayer
Divine Praises
Domine Iesu Christe
Evening Prayer
Fatima Prayer
Guardian Angel Prayer
Hail Mary
The Jesus Prayer
Lauda Sion
Miraculous Medal Prayer
Morning Offering
Morning Prayer
Morning Prayer of Thanksgiving
Pater Noster
Rosary Prayer
Sign of the Cross
Catholic Thanksgiving Prayer
Thanksgiving after Meals
Thanksgiving at the End of the day
The Glory Be (Gloria Patri)
The Magnificat
The Apostles' Creed
The Nicene Creed
Prayer Before A Crucifix
Prayer after Confession
Prayer before Confession
Prayer on Waking
Veni, Creator Spiritus

Catholic Prayers to the Virgin Mary

Ave Maria
Hail, Holy Queen
Immaculate Conception Morning Prayer
Immaculate Mary
In Praise of Mary Immaculate
Loving Mother of the Redeemer
The Hail Mary
Prayer in Honor of Mary
Prayer to Mary
Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes

Catholic Prayers for Intercession & Assistance

Intercessory Prayer Against Evil
Against Bad Thoughts
For Enlightening the Mind
For Expectant Mothers
For Guidance
Night Prayer for Others
For Aid in Fasting
For Knowledge and Strength
For Patience and Gentleness
For the Holy Souls in Purgatory
For the Stressful Day
Penitential Prayer
Serenity Prayer
Prayer For The Sick
Prayer To Find A Job
Intercession Prayer
Catholic Funeral Prayer
Catholic Lent Prayer
Candle Prayer
Lenten Catholic Prayer
For Extreme Distress
Catholic Prayer For Family
Catholic Prayer For Teachers
Catholic Prayer For The Deceased
To Protect Against Evil Spirits
Prayer For Help
For Impurity
Prayer For Marriages
Prayer For Singers
Catholic Prayer For Teenagers

Catholic Prayers for Special Occasions

Catholic Communion Prayer
Thanksgiving Prayer after Communion
Catholic Advent Prayer
Advent Prayer to be Freed from Sin and Death
Annunciation Prayer
Ascension Prayer
Ash Wednesday
Blessing Before Meals
Candlemas Canticle of Simeon
Candlemas Prayer
Catholic Christening Prayer
Easter Prayer of St. Hippolytus
Easter Sunday
Epiphany Prayer
Catholic Christmas Prayer
Christmas prayer
Christmas Novena
Catholic Wedding Prayer

Click Catholic Saints Prayers for the full list of prayers to Saints.

Catholic Saints Prayers
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