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Female Patron Saints

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  • List of Names of Female Patron Saints
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  • Female Patron Saints

Female Patron Saints
The term 'Saints' is used in Christian religions to describe a person who is perceived of being an example of great holiness and virtue and considered capable of interceding with God on behalf of a person who prayed to them. A person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization. The Roman Catholic Church has an official process for creating saints.

The women who have been created as Female Patron Saints are recognised for their virtue and the contribution they have made to the Christian religion. Many of the great Female Patron Saints lost their lives in their service to the church and died for their faith and beliefs. Other Female Patron Saints are remembered as the mothers of important saints.

Female Patron Saints
The following list contains the names of Female Patron Saints:

Abandoned - Saint Flora
Aid to the poor - Saint Mildred
Alcoholism - Saint Monica
Ammunition workers - Saint Barbara
Archaeologists - Saint Helen
Architects - Saint Barbara
Artillery - Saint Barbara
Advertising - Saint Bernardine of Siena
Aviators - Our Lady of Loretto
Bell founders - Saint Agatha
Blindness - Saint Lucy/Saint Lawrence
Bodily ills - Our Lady of Lourdes
Brass workers - Saint Barbara
Breast diseases - Saint Agatha
Brides - Saint Dorothy
Builders - Saint Barbara
Cabinet makers - Saint Anne
Canada - Saint Joseph/Saint Anne
Chastity - Saint Agnes
Composers - Saint Cecile
Cooks - Saint Martha
Cutters - Saint Lucy
Dentists - Saint Apollonia
Dietitians - Saint Martha
Difficult marriages - Saint Elizabeth/Saint Cecilia
Disasters - Saint Jennifer
Domestic servants - Saint Martha
Emigrants - Saint Frances
Eyes - Saint Lucy
Family harmony Saint Dymphna
Fire prevention - Saint Catherine of Sienna
Fire works - Saint Barbara
Flight crew, aviation - Saint Mary
Florist - Saint Dorothy
Florists - Saint Dorothy
Flyers - Our Lady of Loretto
Forgotten people - Saint Juanita
Founders - Saint Barbara
France - Saint Joan of Arc
Girl Scouts - Saint Agnes
Grandmothers - Saint Anne
Gunners - Saint Barbara
Healing cancer - Saint Bertha
Healing of wounds - Saint Rita
Home builders - Our Lady of Loretto
Homelessness - Saint Margaret
Horse riders - Saint Anne
Housekeepers - Saint Anne
Housepersons - Saint Anne
Housewives - Saint Anna
Housewives - Saint Anna
Impulsive gambling - Saint Bernardine of Siena
Insanity - Saint Dymphna
Invalids - Saint Lidwina
Italy - Saint Catherine of Siena
Jurors - Saint Catherine
Lamp makers - Our Lady of Loretto
Lightning - Saint Barbara
Loneliness - Saint Rita
Loss of family members - Saint Nicole
Loss of parents - Saint Lauren
Mental illness - Saint Dymphna
Mexico - Our Lady of Guadalupe
Miners - Saint Barbara
Miscarriages - Saint Catherine
Missions - Saint Theresa
Mothers - Saint Anne
Mothers - Saint Anna
Musicians - Saint Cecile
Nerves - Saint Dymphna
Newborns - Saint Brigid
Nuns - Saint Brigid
Nurses - Saint Camillus
Orphans - Saint Louise
Peddlers - Saint Lucy
Pencil makers - Saint Lucy
Penitence - Saint Mary Magdalene
Philippines - Sacred Heart of Mary
Philosophers - Saint Catherine
Poets - Saint Cecilia
Polio - Saint Margaret Mary
Poor people - Saint Juliana
Poverty - Saint Regina
Pregnant women - Saint Margaret
Ranchers - Saint Isidore
Rape Saint Dymphna/Saint Agnes
Runaways - Saint Dymphna
Saddlers - Saint Lucy
Scribes - Saint Catherine
Secretaries - Saint Catherine
Separated spouses - Saint Elizabeth
Servants - Saint Martha
Service women - Saint Joan of Arc
Singers - Saint Cecilia
Single women - Saint Emily
Skaters - Saint Lidwina
Spinsters - Saint Catherine
Stenographers - Saint Catherine
Storms - Saint Barbara
Sudden death - Saint Barbara
Sweden - Saint Bridget
Television - Saint Clare of Assisi Saint Clare
Throat - Saint Cecile
Tongue - Saint Catherine
Tuberculosis - Saint Theresa
Tumor - Saint Rita
Vanity - Saint Rose of Lima
Virgins - Miraculous/Saint Joan of Arc
Vocalists - Saint Cecile
West Indies - Saint Gertrude
Widows - Saint Louise
Women in labor - Saint Anne
Women’s Army Corps - Saint Genevieve

Female Patron Saints

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  • List of Names of Roman Catholic Saints
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  • Female Patron Saints
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