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Patron Saints of Causes
Patron Saints of Causes - The term 'Saints' is used in Christian religions to describe a person who is perceived of being an example of great holiness and virtue and considered capable of interceding with God on behalf of a person who prayed to them. A person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization. The Roman Catholic Church has an official process for creating saints.

Patron Saints of Causes
The following list contains the names of Patron Saints of Causes:

Abandoned children - St. Jerome
Adopted children - St. William
AIDS - St. Roque
Alcoholism - St. Monica
Amputees - St. Anthony
Animals - St. Francis of Assisi
Arthritis - St. James
Bachelors - St. Christopher

Battles - St. Michael
Birds - St. Francis of Assisi
Blindness - St. Lucy/St. Lawrence
Bodily ills - Our Lady of Lourdes
Boy Scouts - St. George
Breast cancer - St. Peregrine
Breast diseases - St. Agatha
Brides - St. Nicholas/St. Dorothy
Cancer - St. Peregrine
Catholic universities - St. Thomas Aquinas
Charity - St. Vincent de Paul
Chastity - St. Agnes
Child abuse - St. Germaine
Child birth - St. Leonard
Childless - St. Henry
Children - St. Nicholas
Chivalry - St. George
Clear weather - St. Thomas Aquinas
Colic - St. Charles Borromeo
Convulsions in Children - St. Scholastica
Counsel - Gift of Holy Ghost
Cramps - St. Maurice
Cripples - St. Giles
Deaf - St. Francis De Sales
Death of children - St. Louis
Desperation - St. Jude
Difficult marriages - St. Elizabeth/St. Cecilia
Divorce - St. Luke
Domestic animals - St. Anthony
Doubt - St. Joseph
Dying - St. Joseph
Emigrants - St. Francis Xavier
Enemies of religion - St. Sebastian
Epilepsy - St. Genesius
Expectant mothers - St. Gerard
Eyes - St. Lucy
Eye diseases - St. Raphael
Falsely accused - St. Gerard
Families - St. Joseph
Family harmony St. Dymphna
Fever - St. Peter
Foot troubles - St. Peter
Fortitude - Holy Spirit
Gambling addiction - St. Bernadino
Girl Scouts - St. Agnes
Gout - St. Andrew
Grandmothers - St. Anne
Handicapped - St. Henry
Happy death - St. Joseph
Hazards of traveling - St. Christopher
Headaches - St. Dennis
Healing of wounds - St. Rita
Heart ailments - St. John
Hesitation - St. Joseph
Homelessness - St. Margaret
Hopeless cases - St. Jude
Hospitals - St. Vincent de Paul
Immigrants - St. Francis Xavier Cabrini
Impossible situations - St. Jude
Impulsive gambling - St. Bernadine
Insanity - St. Dymphna and Saint Christina
Invalids - St. Roque
Learning - St. Ambrose
Loneliness - St. Rita
Long life - St. Peter
Lost article - St. Anthony
Lovers - St. Raphael
Lumbago - St. Lawrence
Lungs and chest - St. Bernadino
Married couples - St. Joseph
Mental illness - St. Dymphna
Missions - St. Theresa
Mothers - St. Anne
Nerves - St. Dymphna
Newborn babies - St. Brigid
Older unmarried Causes - St. Andrew
Orphans - St. Louise
Peace - St. Nicholas
Peril at sea - St. Thomas Aquinas
Piety - Gift of the Holy Ghost
Poisoning - St. Benedict
Polio - St. Margaret Mary
Poor - St. Anthony
Pregnant Causes - St. Gerard
Prisoners St. Vincent de Paul
Rain - St. Scholastica
Rape - St. Dymphna/St. Agnes
Refugees - St. Alban
Retreats - St. Ignatius of Loyola
Rheumatism - St. James the Great
Runaways - St. Dymphna
Safe journey - St. Raphael
Schools - St. Thomas Aquinas
Separated spouses - St. Elizabeth
Sick - St. Camillus
Single Causes - St. Andrew
Skin diseases - St. Peregrine
Solitary death - St. Francis of Assisi
Spinsters - St. Catherine
Spiritual help - St. Vincent de Paul
Stomach trouble - St. Charles Borromeo
Storms - St. Barbara
Students - St. Thomas Aquinas
Sudden death - St. Barbara
Temptation - St. Michael
Throat - St. Cecile
Tongue - St. Catherine
Toothache - St. Patrick
Travel - St. Christopher
Tuberculosis - St. Theresa
Tumor - St. Rita
Ulcers - St. Charles Borromeo
Uncontrolled gambling - St. Bernadino
Vanity - St. Rose of Lima
Virgins - Miraculous/St. Joan of Arc
Widowers - St. Thomas More
Widows - St. Louise
Wild animals - St. Blaise
Wisdom - Gift of Holy Ghost
Causes in labor - St. Anne
Youth - St. Gabriel

Patron Saints of Causes
The above list contains the names of Patron Saints of Causes.

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