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Saint Peter Damian

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  • Description / Title of the Saint : Cardinal Bishop of Ostia

Fast, concise facts and information about Saint Peter Damian
The following provides fast and concise facts and information:

  • Memorial Day / Feast Day of Saint Peter Damian: February 23
  • Description / Title of the Saint : Cardinal Bishop of Ostia
  • Date of Birth: Saint Peter Damian was born in 988
  • Date of Death: Saint Peter Damian died 1072

The Story and History of Saint Peter Damian
The story and history of Saint Peter Damian. Saint Peter Damian was born in 988, and lost both parents at an early age.

His eldest brother, in whose hands he was left, treated him so cruelly that a younger brother, a priest, moved by his piteous state, sent him to the University of Parma, where he acquired great distinction. His studies were sanctified by vigils, fasts, and prayers, till at last, thinking that all this was only serving God by halves, he resolved to leave the world.

He joined the monks at Font-Avellano, then in the greatest repute, and by his wisdom and sanctity rose to be Superior. He was employed on the most delicate and difficult missions, amongst others the reform of ecclesiastical communities, which was effected by his zeal. Seven Popes in succession made him their constant adviser, and he was at last created Cardinal Bishop of Ostia.

He withstood Henry IV. of Germany, and labored in defence of Alexander II. against the Antipope, whom he forced to yield and seek for pardon. He was charged, as Papal Legate, with the repression of simony; again, was commissioned to settle discords amongst various bishops, and finally, in 1072, to adjust the affairs of the Church at Ravenna. He was laid low by a fever on his homeward journey, and died at Faenza, in a monastery of his order, on the eighth day of his sickness, whilst the monks chanted matins around him.

Feast Day of Saint Peter Damian
The Feast Day of Saint Peter Damian is February 23. The origin of Feast Days: most saints have specially designated feast days and are associated with a specific day of the year and these are referred to as the saint's feast day. The feast days first arose from the very early Christian custom of the annual commemoration of martyrs on the dates of their deaths at the same time celebrating their birth into heaven.

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