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List of Saint's Names

The term 'Saints' is used in Christian religions to describe a person who is perceived of being an example of great holiness and virtue and considered capable of interceding with God on behalf of a person who prayed to them. A person who has died and has been declared a saint by canonization.

The Roman Catholic Church has an official process for creating saints. There are thousands of saints and therefore not all Saints have been included on this list. The list comprises of all the Saints whose history and life story have been featured on this website.

List of Saint's Names

The history, facts, information and life story of all of the above Saints can be accessed from the Catholic Saints Index.

List of Saint's Names

Saint Aelred
Saint Agapetus
Saint Agatha
Saint Agnes
Saint Albinus
Saint Alexius
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Saint Ambrose
Saint Andrew
Saint Andrew Avellino
Saint Anicetus
Saint Anne
Saint Anselm
Saint Antoninus
Saint Antony
Saint Antony of Padua
Saint Apollinaris
Saint Apollonia
Saint Apollonius
Saint Athanasius
Saint Augustine of England
Saint Augustine of Hippo
Saint Avitus
Saint Bademus
Saint Barbara
Saint Barbatus
Saint Barnabas
Saint Bartholomew
Saint Basil the Great
Saint Bathildes
Saint Benedict
Saint Benedict of Anian
Saint Benezet
Saint Benjamin
Saint Bernard
Saint Bernardine of Siena
Saint Bertha
Saint Bertille
Saint Bibiana
Saint Blase
Saint Bonaventure
Saint Boniface
Saint Bridget of Sweden
Saint Bridgid
Saint Bruno
Saint Cajetan
Saint Callistus
Saint Camillus Of Lellis
Saint Canutus
Saint Casimir
Saint Catharine of Sweden
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Saint Catherine of Genoa
Saint Catherine of Ricci
Saint Catherine of Siena
Saint Cecilia
Saint Celestine
Saint Charles Borromeo
Saint Christina
Saint Clare
Saint Claude
Saint Clement of Rome
Saint Clotilda
Saint Cloud
Saint Colette
Saint Columba
Saint Cunegundes
Saint Cyprian
Saint Cyriacus
Saint Cyril
Saint Cyril of Alexandria
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
Saint Damasus
Saint David
Saint Delphinus
Saint Didacus
Saint Dionysius
Saint Dominic
Saint Dorothy
Saint Edmund of Canterbury
Saint Edward the Confessor
Saint Eleutherius
Saint Eligius
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal
Saint Elphege
Saint Encratis
Saint Ephrem
Saint Epiphanius
Saint Etheldreda
Saint Eucherius
Saint Eugenius
Saint Eulalia
Saint Eulogius
Saint Eulogius
Saint Euphrasia
Saint Eusebius
Saint Eusebius
Saint Evaristus
Saint Felicitas
Saint Felix I
Saint Felix of Valois
Saint Fiaker
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Saint Finbarr
Saint Finian
Saint Firmin
Saint Flavian
Saint Frances of Rome
Saint Francis Borgia
Saint Francis Caracciolo
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Francis of Paula
Saint Francis of Sales
Saint Francis Xavier
Saint Frumentius
Saint Fulgentius
Saint Gal
Saint Gall
Saint Gatian
Saint Genevieve
Saint George
Saint Gerard
Saint Germanus
Saint Germanus
Saint Gertrude
Saint Giles
Saint Goar
Saint Gontran
Saint Gregory
Saint Gregory Nazianzen
Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus
Saint Gregory the Great
Saint Gregory VII
Saint Guy of Anderlecht
Saint Hedwige
Saint Hegesippus
Saint Helena
Saint Heliodorus
Saint Henry
Saint Hermenegild
Saint Hilarion
Saint Hilary of Poitiers
Saint Honoratus
Saint Hospitius
Saint Hubert
Saint Hugh
Saint Hugh of Cluny
Saint Hyacinth
Saint Ignatius
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Saint Irenaeus
Saint Ischyrion
Saint Isidore
Saint James
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal
Saint Jane of Valois
Saint Januarius
Saint Jerome
Saint Jerome Emiliani
Saint John
Saint John Cantius
Saint John Chrysostom
Saint John Climacus
Saint John Francis Regis
Saint John Gualbert
Saint John Nepomucen
Saint John of Egypt
Saint John of God
Saint John of Matha
Saint John of Saint Fagondez
Saint John of the Cross
Saint John the Almoner
Saint John the Baptist
Saint John the Silent
Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph Calasanctius
Saint Julia
Saint Juliana Falconieri
Saint Julius
Saint Justin
Saint Ladislas
Saint Lambert
Saint Laurence
Saint Laurence Justinian
Saint Laurence O'Toole of Dublin
Saint Leander
Saint Leo the Great
Saint Leocadia
Saint Leonard
Saint Leonides
Saint Liberatus
Saint Louis
Saint Louis
Saint Louis Bertrand
Saint Lucian
Saint Lucy
Saint Ludger
Saint Luke
Saint Macarius of Alexandria
Saint Magloire
Saint Malachi
Saint Mammertus
Saint Marcella
Saint Marcellinus
Saint Marcellus
Saint Margaret
Saint Margaret of Scotland
Saint Mark
Saint Martha
Saint Martin
Saint Martin of Tours
Saint Mary Magdalen
Saint Mary Magdalen of Pazzi
Saint Mary of Egypt
Saint Matthew
Saint Matthias
Saint Maud
Saint Maximus
Saint Medard
Saint Mello
Saint Mesmin
Saint Michael
Saint Monica
Saint Narcissus
Saint Nemesion
Saint Nicasius
Saint Nicholas of Bari
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
Saint Norbert
Saint Odo of Cluny
Saint Olympias
Saint Omer
Saint Onesimus
Saint Oswald
Saint Pachomius
Saint Palladius of the Scots
Saint Pamphilus
Saint Pantaenus
Saint Pantaleon
Saint Paphnutius
Saint Paschal Baylon
Saint Paternus
Saint Patrick of Ireland
Saint Paul
Saint Paul of the Cross
Saint Paulinus of Nola
Saint Perpetuus
Saint Peter
Saint Peter Celestine
Saint Peter Claver
Saint Peter Damian
Saint Peter of Alcantara
Saint Peter of Alexandria
Saint Peter of Luxemburg
Saint Petronilla
Saint Philip Benizi
Saint Philip Neri
Saint Philogonius
Saint Pius V
Saint Placid
Saint Polycarp
Saint Porphyry
Saint Prosper of Aquitaine
Saint Quintin
Saint Radegundes
Saint Raymund Nonnatus
Saint Raymund of Pennafort
Saint Remigius
Saint Richard of Chichester
Saint Robert of Newminster
Saint Romanus
Saint Romuald
Saint Rosalia
Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Sabas
Saint Sabinus
Saint Saturninus
Saint Scholastica
Saint Sebastian
Saint Seraphia
Saint Serenus
Saint Servulus
Saint Severianus
Saint Severinus of Agaunum
Saint Silverius
Saint Simeon
Saint Simeon Stylites
Saint Simon
Saint Simon Stock
Saint Simplicius
Saint Soter
Saint Stanislas
Saint Stanislas Kostka
Saint Stephen
Saint Sylvester
Saint Symphorian
Saint Tarachus
Saint Tarasius
Saint Teresa
Saint Thecla
Saint Theodore Tyro
Saint Theodoret
Saint Theodosius
Saint Thomas
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Saint Thomas of Canterbury
Saint Thomas of Villanova
Saint Timothy
Saint Titus
Saint Ursula
Saint Valentine
Saint Valery
Saint Venantius
Saint Veronica of Milan
Saint Victor
Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent Ferrer
Saint Vincent of Paul
Saint Vitalis
Saint Wenceslas
Saint Wilfrid
Saint William
Saint William of Monte-Vergine
Saint Willibrord
Saint Wulfran
Saint Yvo
Saint Zachary
Saint Zephyrinus
Saint Zita

List of Saint's Names - Changes & Reforms
The names detailed in the List of Saint's Names include those used by many Catholics in America in the 1900's as detailed in the Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler which was taken from the Benziger Brothers edition of the book published in 1894.

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