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Saint of the Day for November

There are Catholic Saints for practically every day of the year and these are referred to as a Feast Day or Saint's Day.

Many saints have specially designated feast days, as those detailed in the Saint of the Day for November section, which are associated with a specific day of the year and these are referred to as the saint's day.

The Catholic Saint's feast days first arose from the very early Christian custom of the annual commemoration of martyrs on the dates of their deaths, at the same time celebrating their entrance into heaven. Eventually, as time passed, practically every day of the year had at least one saint who was commemorated on that date.

Saint of the Day for November - Changes & Reforms
The dates and names attributed to the Saint of the Day for November section include those used by many Catholics in America in the 1900's as detailed in the Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler which was taken from the Benziger Brothers edition of the book published in 1894. Various changes and reforms have resulted in different calendars culminating in the General Roman Calendar of 1962.

Saints of the Day for November

1. All-Saints
2. All-Souls
2. Saint Malachi
3. Saint Hubert
4. Saint Charles Borromeo
5. Saint Bertille
6. Saint Leonard
7. Saint Willibrord
8. The Feast of the Holy Relics
9. Saint Theodore Tyro
10: Saint Andrew Avellino
11. Saint Martin of Tours
12. Saint Martin
13. Saint Stanislas Kostka
14. Saint Didacus
14. Saint Laurence O'Toole
15. Saint Gertrude, Abbess
16. Saint Edmund of Canterbury
17. Saint Gregory Thaumaturgus
18. Saint Odo of Cluny
19. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
20. Saint Felix of Valois
21. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
22. Saint Cecilia
23. Saint Clement of Rome
24. Saint John of the Cross
25. Saint Catherine of Alexandria
26. Saint Peter of Alexandria
27. Saint Maximus
28. Saint James of La Marca of Ancona
29. Saint Saturninus
30. Saint Andrew

Saints of the Day for November
The history, facts, information and life story of all of the above Saints can be accessed from the Catholic Saints Index. The list of November saints include Malachi, Hubert, Charles Borromeo, Bertille, Leonard, Willibrord, Theodore Tyro, Andrew Avellino, Martin of Tours, Martin, Stanislas Kostka, Didacus, Laurence O'Toole, Gertrude, Edmund of Canterbury, Gregory Thaumaturgus, Odo of Cluny, Elizabeth of Hungary, Felix of Valois, Cecilia, Clement of Rome, John of the Cross, Catherine of Alexandria, Peter of Alexandria, Maximus, James of La Marca of Ancona, Saturninus and Andrew.

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